Mejorar el aprendizaje de idiomas estrangeros y las competencias interculturales de los adultos a través del aprendizaje electrónico.


Toolkit for Adult Educators

In our toolkit, you will find additional resources to use with your adult learners: Sign Language videos describing artwork related to the four elements, methodological recommendations, and a database of useful adult education resources and tools collected by partners in this project. We will explain how to make the best use of these materials and guide you towards a better understanding of the representation of European cultural heritage and identity through the visual arts in your study groups.


Este proyecto está coordinado por CVO Kempen (Bélgica) cuenta con 6 socios más: DomSpain (España), Zini Foundation (Latvia), Les Apprimeurs (Francia), Istituto dei Sordi di Torino (Italia), Slovenian Third Age University (Eslovenia) y MyArtist (Grecia).