Improve the foreign language learning and intercultural
competences of adults through e-learning



Story Bird

It is a creative writing platform aiming at boosting learners writing skills. You can join as an educator and create classrooms, assignments and track your students progress.

Teaching ESL to Adults: Classroom Approaches in Action

A series of twelve videos targeted at educators which will show you good practices working in adult education language learning environments. The topics dealt with go from Planning for Life Skills, Building Literacy with Adult Emergent Readers, Growing Vocabulary with Beginning Learners to Working with a Multi-level Class.

How to Deliver Unforgettable Language Lessons with Story Time

This blog page describes the TPRS: Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling method and explains the three major steps of this method by giving reasons and examples.


Alfabetos is a laboratory for teaching languages ​​through art. From the museum's collection, and with an intercultural approach, proposals for learning other languages ​​are offered. In-person student exchange and distance collaboration are promoted. Through the project, resources and methodologies are designed with the intention of providing tools for language teachers and establishing links between educational institutions and the museum. The possibility is offered to foreign students to participate in a real area of ​​direct communication and in an environment of great cultural wealth. It is also addressed to students who have a difficult face-to-face visit to the institution and, through the TAC (Learning and Knowledge Technologies), their own experience with art is facilitated. The collection becomes a common tool and link for the development of intercultural competence where to reflect on art, language and culture.

UNED: podcast "La motivación en el aprendizaje de personas adultas

This podcast tells us about why motivation is a key factor for learning at any age and situation, although reasons may be very different. Adults learn voluntarily, but they have different motivations: learning because they like it, or learning to improve in their work/find a better job; it depends on the type of course they want to do. As adults, learners can think more about what happened to fail and why they cannot understand what is going on during the course. Adult learning has its own condition, processes and results, and motivation is a transversal factor in all of them. It is very important that educators help their students find out their inner motivation and promote reflection about their own learning process.

Learning languages by reading

This blog entry provided tips to educators who want to improve their learners languages skills by reading activities. Some tips also apply to learners who study on their own.

Liber Liber

This site is a collection of books, audiobooks and music that you can freely download or you can pay in order to support the project.

Mondadori education

The platform collects books and learning material for pupils and students. Moreover teachers can discover new tools in order to create a personalized area and form digital classes.

Noi parliamo italiano

A collection of learning material to download and websites to visit. Tools are divided into adults, children and teachers categories, as well as sections like games, kitchen, newsapapers, radio...

L'italiano per scrivere meglio

Exercices of grammar Italian language: both theoretical and practical parts. It's a good resource for students and teachers.

The fable cottage

Traditional tales in English and translated in other four languages (Italian, French, German and Spanish) for students and teachers. Good quality audio and video materials support each story and nice illustration make the website really friendly.


Creative platform aiming at reading and writing fairytales.

Lezioni sul sofà

Online materials (audio, video, readings, educational sheet...) for children, parents, teachers and educators.

Lo leggo con te

Platform that talks about reading and books and it's made up by experts, but also by common people that reads books or suggest their opinion. A kind of "sharing platform".

Free e-book library

Free ebook library for children from 3 to 11

Writing practice

British Council

English exercies

Exercise your English with songs

Busy teacher

A method of working with fairy tales in the classroom

Fans of Flanders: Flemish folk tales

Movies of 6 fairy tales

The Gold Scales: Belgian folk tales

Texts of several fairy tales

English fairy tales

English Fairytales Worksheets

Teaching the tale

A method of working with fairy tales in the classroom


Busuu is an award-winning language learning app with high-quality language courses.

Goethe verlag book2

English for beginners

50 languages

50languages allows to learn more then 50 languages in the native language

Diginobe: podcast "Milliseid digivahendeid kasutame koolitusprotsessis"

This podcast tells us about what digital tools is possible to use in the training process


"Rehepapp" is a database of Estonian folk religions and legends


Tallinn Central Library's e-book lending and reading environment "ELLU" is available to all Estonian residents


A pedagogical plateform for learning a second langage thanks to movies, series, and documentaries


LingoZING! is the world's first audio visual language learning comic book app. Now you can read and listen to your favorite comics, graphic novels, picture books, anime and manga while you learn a new language.


Pedagogical videos for young students to learn English


International App for learning another langage, free account available.


The french official portal for pedagogical ressources for English as a second langage


French database about tales and legends, and myths from all over the world.


A European database, hosted on Europeana with teachers sharing their teaching materials and learning scenario with our common cultural heritage background

Teacher Luke Podcast

Luke’s English Podcast is an award-winning audio show for learners of English as a foreign language. The podcast started in 2009 and is still going strong. There are now over 

Odrasli se lahko jezika učijo z delom

On the unicity of each learner, their role in building community; on methods, approaches and techniques.

Perception of the GB vowels /ʌ/, /ɑ:/, /ɒ/, and /ɔ:/ by Slovenian Speakers of English

The observed vowels are first addressed by comparing the vowel systems of General British, General American and Slovenian.

Methods and Pools

Five communicative teaching language methods.

More grammar games Cognitive, affective and movement activities for EFL students

Inducing students to preconsciously feel, think and finally produce the grammar that is specific to English.

Storytelling and more

Teaching storytelling and listening. Lots of useful and essential tips.

Small talk Jazz chants

Learning about the rhythm and the beat of the language. Memorizing language and patterns. Small talk.

Slikarski čopič / Painter’s Brush

Bilingual thematic publication on bread produced by U3A’s older students of painting.

Z menoj po mojem mestu / Personal Town Tours

Architectural guide with personal itineraries.

Spomini na staro Ljubljano / Memories of the old town

Students’ collected stories about how bread was made. They evoke the issues of public place, city functions, etc.

Filmski festival v Leedsu je bil krona in hkrati zaključek projekta CINAGE. Oglejte si utrinke iz zakulisja.

Backstage film on film education and CINAGE project at Slovenian U3A.

Older Adult Education Is Not Just Casual Leisure Time. Socially Engaged Education, Art and Filmmaking Of Older Students At Slovenian U3A

Engaged education and art of older people belong to serious leisure time.

Art Appreciation as a Learned Competence: A Museum-based Qualitative Study of Adult Art Specialist and Art Non-Specialist Visitors

There is a huge difference between how work of art is seen and described by specialists and non-specialists.


The project is coordinated by CVO EduKempen (Belgium). The partnership also includes DomSpain Consulting (Spain), The Central Library of Võru County (Estonia), Les Apprimeurs (France), Istituto dei Sordi di Torino (Italy), Slovenian Third Age University (Slovenia), MyArtist (Greece).